If you have had the misfortune of engaging the services of a low quality SEO company to optimise and promote your website, your site may be experiencing a serious loss of search engine rankings. You may not realize until your SERPs plummet to lowest levels that this ill-prepared SEO team has bought bad backlinks for your site. You may not detect the effects of these trashy backlinks right away since they can show some short-term optimisation improvement. Shady or suspicious links to your site can give search engines an indication that your site may contain poor quality content not worthy of good quality backlinks. For this reason, your website may get continuously low rankings and be subject to dealing with penalties and other obstacles to rising in your rankings.

Major Reasons Why Buying Trashy Backlinks Is Bad for Your Website’s SEO

Primary properties and aspects of poor quality backlinks that render them detrimental for improving and sustaining your website’s SEO include the following:

• Links From Sites Created Solely for SEO Linking. – Some low quality websites with poor caliber content were created just for SEO links. Especially if a website contains an excess of text or poorly written or nonsensical articles, it was most likely set up for linking to other sites. Such websites are often from an odd or unnatural link network set up solely for the purpose of creating backlinks with higher quality sites.

• Comment Spam Links that Lower Your Backlink Profile. – Complimentary comment spam links that flatter your blogs, information or other site content can actually harm your website’s backlink profile. Also, automatic Bots or Spambots are constantly becoming more clever and crafty, misleading many site owners by their encouraging or favorable comments. However, they will do nothing to improve your rankings or banklink quality since both individual spam links and Spambots can damage your site’s backlink status. Remember that poor caliber backlinks originate from websites that are weak in trust and citation.

• Links Using Anchor Text that Is Over-Optimised. – The majority of good quality, legitimate backlinks use either the website name or URL as the anchor text. However, if your site is linked to a large number of sites using the same, unnatural or suspicious keywords as anchor text, the major search engines will detect this excess of unnatural link text, and your site will most likely lose rankings and may be penalized. Also, since many low caliber sites created just for linking to other higher quality websites contain scraped, duplicate text and use questionable anchor text, they are even more likely to lower your site’s SERPs with their poor quality backlinks.

If your website suddenly experiences lowered search engine rankings and loss of quality web traffic, take a closer look at the SEO team you have hired to optimise and promote your website and business. Poor caliber backlinks and linking techniques can cause rapid damage to your site’s SERPs, your online credibility, your company’s reputation and daily conversion rates. If your SEO team is buying shady or trashy backlinks for your website optimisation, it is time to make a change and locate a highly reputable SEO company that will restore and promote your site’s online presence, search engine rankings and business success to the top-rated levels it is worthy of and deserves.