For branding purposes, a custom link can be seen as an ideal marketing material. They are concise in structure yet they carry so much information about your business. They are also functional in so many ways as they are not solely for marketing purposes. Many people remain unaware that marketers can customise their links including the words, numbers or emojis that comes after the slash. As such, the placement for your custom URL also matters as it dictates the best outcome for your branding. Below are ways on how customising links can create a better branding image.

Picking The Domain

When setting up a custom URL shortener, you pick the domain – or domains – that will end up being the base for the branded links you share. You’ll always want to feature your name, or your company’s name, here so you can support brand awareness and audience reach. With the goal that’s the main half of your domain arranged – however there are huge amounts of alternatives other than .com with regards to picking a top-level domain.

Regardless of whether you want to fabricate your personal brand or a business brand, consider utilising TLDs which are explicit to your specialty to create a clear association between your name and the business you’re in.

Instead of a .com, an artist could utilize .studio. Or then again a financial counseling company could utilize .finance. Anyone who sees your links will come to associate your name with what you do. This is ideal, as your name will be to the front of their brains when they are needing your administrations. This is particularly valuable for any semblance of law firms and consultants whose industry may not be apparent when taking a gander at simply their name.

URL Sharing

When you have your domains set up, all that’s left for your team to choose is what watchword should come after the slash. Obviously, this will be done on a case by case basis as each connection is created – the watchword you pick will rely upon what’s being connected to.

While picking a watchword for custom URLs which will be shared on the web, you can utilize this chance to communicate information about the page the connection leads to. So as well as utilizing a .blog TLD, you could incorporate your article title after the slash. This will assemble trust, encourage click-throughs and decrease your site’s bob rate as possibilities will know exactly what to expect when they arrive on your site. Consider this the total of clickbait.


You ought to also remember the target watchword of the webpage you are sharing. Featuring this catchphrase in your custom URL can help improve it for search engine. When creating links to share on the web, in the event that you want to incorporate more than single word after the slash, use hyphens to separate them. Google’s bots read hyphens as word separators and will easily have the option to decide your picked watchwords.

Custom Urls for Media Appearances and Occasions

Branded links are great for reading aloud during keynote presentations, radio appearances, podcasts, live streams, and systems administration occasions. While picking a watchword for an occasion this way, follow the accepted procedures set out above for creating memorable links for use disconnected. In any case, recall, these links will also be read aloud, so make sure they are easy to articulate as well.

At the point when utilised effectively, custom URLs can profit your business well past boosting audience reach, trust, and awareness. Take advantage of the ability to alter and control your short links by enhancing them for each platform or place you use them. To maximise their impact, set out your brand’s principles for organizing custom URLs in the marketing team’s brand rules.