Since online business sites are focusing strongly on attracting customers with use of organic search, effective search engine optimisation (SEO) has ever-increasing value for promoting greater web visibility, higher conversion rates, and ongoing profitability for success. Because there are three different major types of SEO methods in popular use today, it is essential to understand which type is used by the SEO practitioner that you work with for quality optimisation of your company website.

Major Differences in White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat SEO for Website Optimisation

Primary differences in White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat search engine optimisation for quality Internet marketing services for your website include the following:

• White Hat SEO. – White Hat SEO is considered the most ethical and acceptable type of search engine optimisation today since it gives the same levels of attention and value to web users and search engines, with no risk of penalties. This type of SEO produces lasting marketing benefits and results, although it is definitely slower in bringing results than both Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO makes use of keyword research as well as natural use of keywords and phrases in page titles, headings, content, anchor text and alt tags. It favours targeted monitoring, adapting to analytics and use of SEO coding designs along with site map usage.

• Grey Hat SEO. – This type of SEO uses moderate techniques between the two extremes of White Hat and Black Hat SEO. Grey Hat SEO is somewhat more strident than White Hat, but it will not result in penalties or banning of your website from good search engine rankings. Use of some Black Hat SEO techniques, however, can cause your site to accrue penalties or experience banning. SEO aspects that quality Grey Hat SEO will avoid are excessively high keyword density, three-way linking and link building that lacks relevance. Helpful Grey Hat techniques will also avoid duplicate content on multiple sites, which Google often categorises as spam.

• Black Hat SEO. – This method of SEO is aggressive and volatile, and it is not encouraged by Google for achieving good rankings. When use of Black Hat techniques do bring fast improvements in ranking results, they are often short-lived. These aggressive SEO tactics are designed mainly for search engines rather than for web users, and they are considered risky for achieving stable, ongoing ranking improvements. Common Black Hat SEO techniques of this type include use of keyword stuffing, invisible text and doorway or jump pages that are designed specifically for fast gains in high search engine rankings. Another Black Hat technique is completely changing the design and content of a website after it is ranked by search engines. It is important to remember that use of Black Hat SEO often results in website banning by search engines.

When choosing an SEO consultant or practitioner for your website, take time to determine the type of SEO that your search engine optimisation expert plans to employ for promoting and marketing your website and its brand, products or services. If your SEO professional favours the use of White or Grey Hat SEO or a combination of techniques from these two SEO methods, you are off to a good start for quality optimisation of your site. Let the daredevil site owners ride the rollercoaster of the ups and downs of risky Black Hat tactics while you glide smoothly toward online success with more moderate SEO methods.