Web page caching is an effective way to improve your website’s loading time and enhance your site’s search engine optimization. Especially since page load speed can strongly impact site user experience as well as your e-commerce site’s conversion rates, page caching can greatly increase all major aspects of your site performance. Google research has revealed that an increase of one half-second in loading speed has the potential to boost your web traffic volumes by as much as 20 percent. All major search engines today give web page loading time primary importance in deciding your website’s rank in search results.

Cached pages are produced when Google and other search engine companies store back-up versions of a web page that can be served to a user as a substitute for the most recent version of this page. This back-up page, which can be accessed by web users quickly and easily, can be of great help if viewing the latest version of the web page involves accessing database information that may require extra time. When the user accesses the cached page version, the cached version will include notice that a more recent version of the page is available.

How Web Page Caching Can Impact Your Website’s SEO Performance

Web page caching can affect your website’s SEO performance in various significant ways, including the following:

• Faster Accessing of Website Content. Many web users today want and need to access websites and their content quickly. If you have an e-commerce site, your website visitors are most likely interested in viewing your products and services for making purchases as fast and efficiently as possible. If your website offers important data and information such as travel domains and media sites, researchers, travelers and other consumers are generally eager to reach your site rapidly to obtain the data and insights that they need. With a cached version of your domain easily accessible, your website will benefit from larger web traffic volumes, an increasing customer base and greater conversion rates through significantly improved SEO.

• Increased Assurance of Web Page Availability.
When a cached version of your website is available, you will never need to have concerns about losing site visitors and clients due to heavy web congestion or when your site is being updated. If interested web users cannot access your current site, they will be able to view the cached version, obtaining the data they need or making online purchases and other transactions. You will avoid any slow-downs in growing your customer base and site audience while conducting business as usual with the use of your site’s cached version.

• Wider Audience for Websites. Different types of web users and browsers may be interested in accessing your website. While some will be your regular clients or potential customers for your business website, others may be casual browsers. These curious newcomers to your site may take a definite interest in your domain’s content, products and services if they can access it quickly via a cached version. They may even become occasional or regular customers when they realize how rapidly and easily they can reach your site and its content. When this happens, you will experience the impact and benefits of enhanced SEO results for your site and all that it offers.