As a qualitative measure, authority determines web properties that have a notable effect on each site content property’s comprehensive visibility, credibility and ranking in search engines. The majority of SEO strategies and techniques are designed to improve authority. These techniques and strategies include such tactics as creating valuable and engaging content and skilful link building.

Domain Authority Compared to Page Authority

There are a variety of measures of direct and indirect authority within the categories of domain authority and page authority. Ways in which you can improve your site’s domain authority and page authority include the following:

Domain Authority

Top-Quality Content. Create plenty of high-quality content on your site that includes a tight internal linking network.

Top-Quality Inbound Links. Focus on gaining an abundance of high-quality inbound links pointing to the various pages of your website. The quality of these links can be based on the external source authority and their degree of relevance to your site content.

Bad Links. Remove all bad links that point to your website pages. Replace them with good-quality, relevant links.

Time Allowance. Allow adequate time for improving your domain authority. It will increase slowly and steadily over time, according to the site updates that you have made.

Once you obtain improved domain authority, all of your web pages, including subdomains, will have a greater likelihood of ranking high for all relevant searches.

Page Authority

High-Authority Domain Pages. Ensure that your domain has high authority before you create new pages. This will give the pages an excellent foundation for making them high-authority pages.

Superior-Quality Page Content. Make sure that the content that you input on each page of your website has superior detail, originality and relevance.

Functional Optimised Pages. Ensure that each page of your site is totally functional with optimal quality search engine optimisation.

Internal Linking. Be sure to include quality internal linking to and from each page of your domain.

Top-Quality Inbound Links. Gain an abundance of top-quality inbound links in terms of both link relevance and the authority of the external source.

Bad Links. Remove all bad links that point to the pages of your domain.

There is a mutually supportive relationship between domain authority and page authority in terms of the benefits that they both can bring to your website. As you build a greater number of links to your site pages, this will increase your domain authority. When you improve your domain authority, this will increase the page authority of your entire website.

Since page authority can increase faster than domain authority, it can help you improve your search engine rankings for a specific page of your site. Yet improving your domain authority brings better long-term results. Over time, better domain authority will attract more inbound traffic to your domain. This is because it increases the potential for ranking higher in web searches for all of the pages of your domain at once.