Many online business owners think and talk about adding a company blog to their websites, but stop short of doing so. Their reasons may be many and varied—blogging is too time-consuming; starting a successful blog would require hiring a professional blogger; or site visitors prefer visual presentations rather than textual content, so blogging can be a waste of precious time. However, the majority of active, profitable online companies do include blogs on their business websites.

These savvy e-commerce survivors often attribute much of their success at gaining higher site traffic volumes and greater sales conversion rates for their products and services to the fact that they included a brand-relevant, constantly updated blog on their company domains. Some of these Web-based business owners did hire professional bloggers to provide regular content for their company blogs, while others developed their own blogging talents to enhance their online visibility, credibility and business success.

Main Reasons Why Your Website Needs to Have Fresh, Relevant Blog Posts

Primary reasons for including fresh, brand-related blog posts on your website on a regular, ongoing basis include the following:

  • Blog Text Contents Help Generate Natural Keywords for Your Website. – Ever since the update of Google with the addition of the Hummingbird algorithm, meta keywords placed on websites are no longer read. However, it is still very important for websites to gain content value by means of blogging. Apart from the fact that fresh contents are added making the website look active, not just in the eyes of search engines but also for potential leads; information and ideas being generated by blog posts help give answers which are not spammy and goes well with generating natural keywords and phrases that meet the standards of semantic searching. While some blogs do not really discuss the actual and specific products and services being sold by the website, it still gives positive value for website engagement and conversational searches which means that searches are not just limited to one or two words but can go as far as a whole phrase, a sentence or even actual questions.
  • Modern Web Audiences Like Blogging Style and Format. – Today’s Internet audiences are familiar and comfortable with the easy, simple and straight-forward style and format of blog posts. Easy to read quickly and written in relaxed, everyday language, these posts are just long enough to hold the reader’s attention and short enough to avoid discouraging easily distracted readers. Filled with an easy-to-comprehend mix of ideas and facts, these concise articles inform without lecturing or pontificating about brand-related subjects. For this reason, they encourage readers to take a second look at the other pages of a business site, often resulting in increased sales conversion rates from both first-time and returning customers. With the wide array of blogging apps now available, you can plan and create your blog content from anywhere, using any of your mobile digital devices.
  • Blog Posts Help Define Your Business and Website with Distinctive Style and Character. – The distinctive style and character of your website blog posts can do wonders to define and promote your company ideals, goals and products or services. When your site reflects a strong, positive product presentation and business persona, your company will stand out as a leader in your industry. Your competitors will seem much less formidable, and more site visitors and potential customers will be attracted to your brand, becoming loyal buyers and ongoing clients. A company blog can also be of great assistance in developing, strengthening and expanding your brand’s product line and global reach. By connecting your readers firmly with your brand and all that it has to offer along with your future plans for new products and services, your business will also gain a remarkable boost in sales due to word-of-mouth recommendations from your enchanted readers and well-satisfied customers.
  • Your Business Gains a Loyal Customer Base Through Blog Post Comments and Social Sharing. – With the very helpful boost of blog post comments and social media shares by your company blog post readers, you will grow a loyal customer base much more rapidly than you imagined possible. Because they can actively offer personal feedback and individual thoughts about your blogs and brand, your readers and customers feel directly connected to your site and business. By sharing your posts on their favorite social media sites, they feel that they are directly related to the marketing and promotion of your brand as they spread the good word about your company and its attractive featured products and services.