There are generally accepted rules for maintaining a helpful, safe and relevant online experience for the use of professional SEO to enhance website rankings and traffic volumes. However, spammers constantly attempt to outperform major search engines. These spammers try to attract organic (free) web traffic to their sites by disregarding these accepted rules. These “black hat SEO” methods are designed and used as an attempt to manipulate Google, Yahoo and Bing to the spammer’s advantage. However, acquiring and maintaining high site ranking requires being aware of the latest SEO trends and amending your own SEO methods to align with new algorithm updates when they occur.

More About Black Hat SEO and Reasons to Avoid Companies that Offer Overnight Success

Black hat SEO techniques are used by website owners and operators who are seeking fast SEO results. They favor methods that can attain higher search engine rankings for sites using unethical technical practices. When Google and other major search engines identify the use of these black hat SEO tactics on a website, this site usually receives penalties, like being excluded from the SERPs or banned from search engines. These sites may also receive downgrades of algorithms. Black hat SEO techniques and practices to avoid include the following:

• Paid-For Links. – Many website operators see buying links for SEO as an attractive and profitable practice, mainly because it is easy and simple. Also, the customer can usually select the anchor text for the link. These two aspects can manipulate rankings on search engines, giving false or unreliable placement to certain sites by using black hat SEO.

• Spam Comments with Links. – One of your site visitors may input a spam comment with an unrelated link on your website for self-promotional purposes. Although this free backlink will not create effective SEO for spammers, this practice is popular. There are actually tools designed to auto-distribute spam comments on sites around the Web. These comments can give a less than favorable impression to your interested customers and site visitors, and some spam comments may detract from your website content. For this reason, it is best to prevent the posting of spam comments with links on your site.

• Article Spinning. – This technique involves using copied source material and restating it, either with the aid of software or by hand, to create a new article or blog post. If done effectively, this content will most likely not be identified by a plagiarism recognition tool. Although some Internet marketers find this technique helpful to their campaigns, it can have similar plagiarism implications as duplicate content can have.

• Cloaking. – This sly technique is deceiving since it can actually trick search engines to obtain good rankings for target keywords. In addition, it provides web users with search results that are not relevant. For instance, this technique can return to the searcher very different content or URL results than the results reported by the search engine spider. Penalties acquired by sites due to cloaking can ruin a website’s overall performance reports.

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