User experience on the Internet is a highly visual one, enhanced by the presence of audio and textual content as well as fine caliber interactive features. For this reason, it is essential to incorporate expert optimisation of all your website images to ensure top quality Web design and consistently effective SEO results for your site. With expert optimisation of all your webpage content, and especially your images, you can more easily attain first page ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.

The Value of Expert Optimising for Your Website Images to Enhance Site Design and SEO Results

By including top quality optimisation techniques for all your website images, videos, graphics and other visual content, you can significantly improve the caliber of your site design and experience more effective SEO results. When you or your website designer strengthen and refine such design and content features as the following, your site’s effectiveness will be greatly enhanced:

Link-Worthy Images. – First of all, the quality of each image that you include on the pages of your website must be of highest quality to engage site viewers. By limiting the size of your major photographs to 100 KB or less and keeping any banner images at 60 KB or less, you will benefit from the visual presentation of fine quality, attractive images that your site visitors will eagerly link their webpages to and share extensively on social media sites. These images will also gain favorable attention and rankings from major search engines for strong improvements in your site’s placement in SERPs.

Accurate Alt Text. – With careful and accurate use of alt text for your website images, you will enable search engines to find and include your images in high-ranking search results. Google signals, for example, detect often ignored image captions and alt text, which can significantly boost your site rankings and enhance your overall SEO results. With use of accurate alt text that describes your images clearly and directly, your webpages will appear in more organic search results across the Internet. Inclusion of a single correctly and concisely described image on your site can do wonders to improve your search engine rankings, site traffic and social media presence through shares by your site visitors.

Content Trends and Updates. – Use of images and graphics in website content is a major trend for design and SEO enhancement today. Also, current Internet users are much more likely to link to your images and videos from their own webpages and to share your images on social media sites than to connect with and share your textual content. In addition, because Google and other primary search engines favor fresh, recently added visual content on sites, algorithms are now designed to select the most attractive and useful new image content for display in Web searches.

With use of accurate and current optimisation techniques for all the images that appear on your website, you will soon benefit from greater levels of Web traffic and more visitor interaction on your webpages. As your site viewers create many more backlinks to your images as well as extensive shares of your photos and videos on social media websites, your brand’s Internet presence will experience impressive growth, greatly improving your site’s credibility and search engine rankings.