Site Audit


Before Netwizard SEO can diagnose problems with your website, we have to know exactly what we’re dealing with  The first and most important step to improving your website SEO performance is to crawl the entire website and fix the most common errors that we have listed below.

We will examine up to 2,000 pages of your website and create a personalised set of recommendations to improve your websites search engine performance.

On and off page SEO tasks handled

This is only a partial list to give you an idea of the in-depth service we provide. SEO is a very fluid marketing strategy and guidelines from Google frequently change.


6 common SEO Mistakes

  • Duplicate title tags

    This is very common. Every page should have its own succinct title. We will rewrite descriptive titles that will help Google and other search engines send traffic to your website

  • Missing Title tags

    Another common problem is title tags that have been left out altogether. Search engines display the title in search results, without a title you are missing opportunities.

  • Broken Links

    Broken links can be frustrating for users and negatively affect your search engine placement. Netwizard will check for broken links and repair them.

  • Robots.txt

    A poorly configure robots.txt file may block search engine crawlers from the content on your web page. We will identify this common problem and repair it.

  • Image descriptions

    Many websites have no image descriptions. These are needed to help search engines identify non text content on your website and index it. We will identify images that don’t have descriptions and add researched descriptions.

  • Low word count

    As we know content is king and Google and other major search engines reward websites rich in quality content. Netwizard will identify pages with a low word count and make recommendations for additional content.

Netwizard SEO will rectify these mistakes and get your website performing the way it should.

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