Google has a newly designed master plan of dynamic SEO trends for 2020. Optimisation staples like including keywords in web page titles and creating a responsive site that is easily accessed across all digital devices and screen sizes still have value. Yet Google has devised major new trends that will keep all website owners well aware of this primary search engine’s global reach and importance.

How to Keep Your Domain Effective Within the New Google SEO Framework for 2020

Best ways to ensure the effectiveness of your website within Google’s new SEO landscape and trends for 2020 include the following:

1. Know the Value of Zero-click Searches. Today, over one-half of all web searches are zero-click searches that are answered right on the SERP. This is due to SERP features like Google’s Local Packs, Knowledge graphs and featured snippets. However, these searches tend to be performed by web users seeking basic information like an address, a phone number or the answer to a simple question.

Such queries are not likely to lead to conversions for your site. With the aid of Rank Tracker and your Google Search Console account, you can determine which of your keyword choices for optimisation will produce the most clicks and conversions for your website.

2. Focus on Optimising for Rich or Featured Snippets. In this SEO approach, the data displayed on the SERP is of utmost value. Rich snippets are ones that show information like title, description, images, product prices and stars for reviews. Featured snippets are entire blocks of data displayed at the top of a SERP.

Although Rich snippets are easier to obtain, they produce lesser CTR enhancements than Featured snippets. In most instances, getting a Featured snippet can be significantly difficult. Acquiring either of these snippet varieties requires having well-structured content on your site.

Using WebSite Auditor, you can discover whether or not your website data is currently structured and learn how to restructure your content if it is not. Rank Tracker can help you locate Featured snippet opportunities. For example, you can find keywords which have already given your competition Featured snippets.

3. Stay Updated on Local SEO Changes. A large number of zero-click searches are local searches. Results for local searches are displayed right on the SERP in Local Packs, which can require as much screen space as entire SERPs on mobile devices. With a Google My Business page for your company and brand, you can cover countless searches that contain key terms like “address,” “phone number” or “near me.”

Yet anyone who wants to view product images and learn about your brand will visit your company site. For this reason, tried-and-true classic SEO methods are still important, such as having a strong backlink profile. Backlinks that Google considers to be locally authoritative are especially valuable for SEO.

4. Never Underestimate Google Algorithms. Website owners are aware that Google has developed and used algorithms over the years to enhance web users’ search experience and to help discourage website keyword stuffing. Of major importance in 2020 is the newest Google algorithm, BERT.

BERT works in conjunction with Google’s Neutral Matching feature, which determines the meaning of a query, and RankBrain, which adjusts the SERP’s reliance on the gathered data pertaining to user behavior. BERT then analyses the search structure to comprehend the keyword context.

BERT requires site designers and owners to input good content, and RankBrain insists on content intent matching rather than simply ranking for targeted keywords. Just ranking without matching the web user’s intent will separate your site from a vast number of SERPs.

5. Make Brand Building a Top Priority. Today, organic social as an online marketing tool is virtually dead. Paid ads still work impressively for social, but they have become a trend among web business sites. For this reason, ROI for paid ads is expected to decrease throughout 2020. Paid ads will also become more costly.

The current leading aspects of optimal digital marketing are brand awareness and brand building. Linkless mentions are growing rapidly in value, and both Google and Bing now use them as ranking signals. SEO trends of major importance today are building quality link profiles and managing linkless brand mentions.

With the use of social media listening, site owners can monitor mentions of their brands as well as mentions of the type of product or service offered by their companies. This enables them to build brand awareness via publicly offered customer care while engaging directly with their client bases.

As a site owner, this gives you an opportunity to build brand awareness through publicly providing customer care. Potential customers can learn about company promotions. At the same time, you as the company owner can discover where main competitors are mentioned and work toward gaining mentions in the same and similar places.