One major element for web entrepreneurs to learn about to operate their sites effectively is SEO. Sadly, there are so many myths out there today that it is difficult for them to find out the correct facts on this topic. Some myths are so out of line that they are laughable while others will definitely lead you in the wrong direction with your website. The latter issue will prevent you from getting the necessary search traffic to improve not only your site’s ranking, but it also keeps you from receiving the best results from your content marketing. Uneducated web entrepreneurs have spent weeks, if not months, perfecting their SEO on the site, only to learn later that Google does not even consider it relevant anymore. For this reason, we provide you with five of the top SEO myths that you need to stop believing today.

Myth #1. SEO is Just a Money-Making Scam

We do not know how this myth got started, but you will read about slick-talking SEO consultants charging outrageous prices to provide services without doing anything at all and may even lower the ranking of your site. SEO is in no way a scam when done properly, and the improvement with SEO efforts is chartable. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable SEO company, such as ours, Netwizard SEO, to prevent issues.

Myth #2. Changing Your SEO Immediately for Algorithm Updates Improves Your Success

Let us bust this myth right now since Google updates its ranking algorithm many times a year. The only ones you need to react to are the major ones, not the minor ones.

Myth #3. When You Optimise Your SEO for Google, You Will Rank Well With All the Search Engines

While it is true that Google search comprises over 60% of all web searches, Bing has increased its search popularity steadily over recent years. It works a bit differently than Google does, and this means that you need to optimise for Bing as well if you want to rank high with it. Actually, you should optimise for the top three search engines, which are Google, Bing and Yahoo at present, at a minimum when you want 100% exposure with the web traffic.

Myth #4. HTTPS Is Only Important for eCommerce Sites

If you believe this one, you are drastically mistaken. HTTPS sites have the web’s secure protocol that protects the users’ information. In fact, Google states clearly that it will give preference to those sites that contain the HTTPS prefix over the ones that are just plain HTTP sites.

Myth #5. Your Hosting Location Influences Your Ranking

The basis of this myth is that if your website is located in a different country than the one you are targeting your ranking will suffer. While it is more effective to host in the same country that you are targeting, Google is configured to showcase your website in the right version for your desired country and audience. This search engine prioritises quality information instead of local content. Refer to the geographic in Google Webmaster Tools to obtain a country code top-level domain or ccTLD if you do not already have one. You can specify your target country of choice.

To learn additional facts about SEO myths that you need to stop believing today, turn to our company. We are a branch of the highly reputable Netwizard Design and Hosting Pty Ltd. Our company employs a skilful team of professional writers, creative web designers and SEO professionals to serve clients in Australia and New Zealand.