Many website owners wonder why well-known and respected SEO consulting and development companies refrain from promising guaranteed first page search engine results for their clients today. This is especially puzzling to some site owners since the major reason for hiring the services of a top-rated SEO expert is to attain the highest search engine rankings possible. However, for several important reasons, the best SEO companies do not offer guarantees of high search placement or ever use such a guarantee as a marketing strategy.

Why the Best Rated and Most Reputable SEO Companies Do Not Promise First Page Search Engine Results

The most highly rated and respected SEO companies today do not promise guaranteed first page search engine results for the following reasons:

1. SEO Guarantees Are False Claims

Since 1996, there has been a wide array of SEO scams claiming guaranteed top web search rankings and outstanding web traffic volumes for the websites of domain owners who fall prey to unscrupulous SEO consultants and developers or mere scammers. Unfortunately, this activity has tainted the reputations of even top-rated, legitimate SEO companies among some segments of online industry. Savvy site owners today know to avoid all SEO providers who offer such false claims and unattainable results, choosing to work only with high quality experts who deliver exactly what they offer for every customer.

2. Search Engines Denounce Guaranteed SEO Results

Google’s search engine marketing guidelines state that it is not possible to guarantee a number one or first page ranking on Google. If this is true for Google, then it will also be true for other search engines. With use of a top-rated SEO consultant or developer, your website will undoubtedly gain a better ranking for web searches and greater volumes of web traffic for a larger customer base and increased conversion rates. However, a top quality SEO expert will never promise a guaranteed first page search engine ranking for a client’s website.

3. Search Engine Rankings Lack Stability

Search engine rankings fluctuate constantly, with website placement changing frequently. Often, if you refresh your web browser during a search, the order of sites returned may vary significantly. Also, if you perform the same web search from different cities or neighbourhoods, the results may be surprisingly different. If performing a search while you are logged-in to your Google account, your individualised results will most likely differ from those you get when searching before login. From these examples, you can see why top quality SEO companies refrain from offering guaranteed site ranking.

4. Rankings Do Not Measure Web Traffic or Conversions

Search engine rankings do not reveal website traffic volumes, sales conversions or overall site performance. However, an expert SEO campaign is designed specifically to gain better results in all of these categories for your site. Attaining a higher search engine ranking should be treated as a step toward achieving these same results, making it a means to a sought-after end rather than an end result in itself. You need qualified, targeted visitors for your website, which a narrow obsession with site ranking cannot deliver.

5. Unsubstantiated Guarantees Reflect Ethical Issues

The best rated SEO companies offer legitimate guarantees like providing top quality expertise and advice to help your site gain improved traffic volumes. They may also be able to offer an accurate percentage for their projected increase in your site visitor numbers. However, your SEO experts cannot influence or control search engine results. The search engines are solely responsible for search ranking results and methodologies. For this reason, it is always best to avoid working with any SEO company that promises guaranteed results that are outside of its realm of direct control. By doing so, you will help to ensure ethical business practices from your SEO experts and greater rates of success for your website and e-commerce.