Parallax websites started gaining rapid popularity around five years ago, due mainly to the novelty of their scrolling action and varied speed rates of background and foreground motion on these sites. This multi-directional movement, the convenience of scrolling through a site rather than clicking into separate sections and pages, plus the strong interactive features of this type of website design helped Parallax websites soar to heights of popularity and usage. There are, however, definite pros and cons to use of Parallax websites for gaining SEO organic (unpaid) visibility, especially because of their unique and sometimes complex combination of moving features and functions.

Pros of Using Parallax Websites for Acquiring SEO Organic Visibility

Definite benefits of Parallax design websites in acquiring and maintaining good SEO organic visibility include the following:

• Strong Visual Effectiveness. – Due to their multiple innovative and advanced visual effects and contemporary graphics, websites displaying Parallax design features and functions offer powerful visual impact for promoting a company brand, a new product or a personal interest cause. The diverse movements on sites of this type have a magnetic effect on site visitors, who often linger to scroll through all areas of a Parallax website. Even casual Web surfers find it difficult to exit these sites because of their enticing interactive features that quickly attract and involve site viewers. Web analytics reveal that sites developed with Parallax design technology definitely attract and capture the interests of site visitors for higher and lasting increases in visibility.

• Higher Engagement Rates. – Studies have revealed that these scrolling website designs that use multi-directional motion to involve site visitors in interactive features strongly engage and capture the interests of site visitors. The majority of site viewers linger on these websites longer than on sites displaying other modes of design. Visitors also tend to take time to view the entire website and the products, services or information it offers, even if they simply landed on the site during casual Web browsing.

• More Attractive, Dynamic Internet Persona. – Parallax websites just offer a more dynamic, appealing and memorable appearance and persona or Web presence so that site guests usually return, often becoming regular customers, clients or site members. Attractive website design features have always magnetized impressive traffic volumes, often leading to significant increases in product sales conversions. Parallax websites consistently offer very attractive, compelling content for strong site visitor appeal and larger client bases from good SEO organic visibility.

Cons of Parallax Website Use for Attaining Good SEO Organic Visibility

Significant disadvantages of using Parallax site design as an aid for attaining good levels of SEO organic visibility include the following:

• Decreased SEO Benefits. – Traditional website designs feature multiple pages of a site, all based on the home page. Because scrolling sites have only a single page, they have less search engine value and offer less opportunity for acquiring high grades for Search Engine Optimisation. When using this type of site design, make certain that you use other means of building increased SEO for your site and business.

• Lower Grades for Mobile Usability. – Because scrolling is not a useful option when viewing websites on a mobile digital device, SEO for mobile sites is definitely lowered in effectiveness for websites developed with Parallax site design technology.

• Slower Site Loading Times. – Due to the constant multi-directional motion and ongoing interactive features on Parallax websites, they usually require longer time for loading than other websites using different modes of Internet design and development. If your line of business requires making products or information readily available to customers, having a Parallax site may impede your company’s success.