Pay Per Click

Need potential customers to contact you right now?

Populating your website over time with engaging content is ideal for organic search engine ranking. Although it can take months to see fruit from your labour. If you need results right now then adwords is your best option.

At Netwizard SEO our team of experienced and qualified Google Adwords specialists will design your adwords campaigns to maximise your return on investment.



What are Google Adwords:

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click online advertising platform that allows you to display your ads on Google’s search engine results page. Based on the keywords that you want to target, you pay to get your advertisements ranked at the top of the search results page. Since the platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you have to pay only when a visitor clicks your ad.

The Google AdWords marketplaces work like an auction where people bid for clicks. However, it’s not necessary that the highest bid wins.

Netwizard SEO is will setup an adwords campaign for you that maximises your advertising budget. We will then manage that campaign ensuring that the strategies employed continue to provide the best ROI possible.

Adwords setup includes:

  • Custom landing pages
  • Negative keyword setup
  • Optimizing campaign for conversion testing
  • Multiple ad variations

Adwords Campaign

Setup: $495 incl GST
Monthly Management: $297/mo incl GST

Note: (Adwords costs are separate and paid directly to Google)
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** Up to $100/day Adwords budget. Aditional charges may apply.