As discussed in the previous articles, there are certain practices in search engine optimisation (SEO) practices that merits benefits as much as downsides in the long run. As such, you need to know which practices to utilise to further improve the ranking of your website in search engines. We are now down to the most beneficial and upright among all – white hat SEO. Know how to double your traffic by playing by the rules through white hat SEO practices.

White Hat SEO Overview

White hat SEO refers to the tactics, techniques, and strategies that are in line with the terms and conditions of the search engines. It banks on providing desirable (if not best) outcomes without the hassle of going against the agreed upon rules and regulations. The deal with white hat SEO practices is that they optimise content not for the search engines but for the targeted audience. In order to do so, they must come up with not only a high-quality content but also an engaging one for their specified readers. What differentiates them from other SEO practices is the intent to build a website that captures the audience for the right reasons without questionable tactics and techniques. Below are examples of how you can acquire the best results using white hat SEO tactics.

Legitimise Website Through Branding

Websites are not just there for the views, their content must stick to the minds of their audiences and they must be recognised at first glance. This is the goal to be able to market their products and services. If you want your audience to remember you, you must concentrate on your brand. Focus on the style, topography, and colour scheme for your website. The deal with such is that if people can remember your website through these aspects and distinctions, they are most likely to revisit you website as it appears in the search engine. Therefore, there will be a significant boost in your engagement metrics.

Establish Mobile-Friendly Interface

Another way to establish your branding is to create a mobile-friendly interface. Most people access the worldwide web through the convenience of their phones. Put yourself in your audience shoes. If your website doesn’t seem convenient at all, your audience would feel the same way. You should also assess the layout of your website. Maximise the space but don’t let it get crowded. Make sure it is readable, clear, concise and appealing to promote interaction and readability.

Create High-Quality Content

Create original and unique content. Start by coming up with a headline that would capture the reader’s attention without misleading them through clickbaits. Make your page titles descriptive so your audience would know right away what you mean and what you are trying to explain. Short paragraphs are also the trend nowadays so you must practice being clear and concise. Creating a high quality content will help you build links that would make your rankings higher than those with low quality ones.