Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques are a combination of visible and invisible tweaks to viewers of your website. While the visible tweaks involve such practices as simple addition or alternations to keywords and phrases and phrases for better visibility and results in Web searches, the invisible ones may involve edits to web codes such as meta descriptions, which also improve site rankings in Web search returns when done effectively. Organic SEO is free, or unpaid optimisation.

Google AdWords is a paid platform for advertising made available by Google. With use of AdWords, your business profile can be shown beside the natural search results when Internet searchers enter keyword phrases in a Google search. The results (Pay Per Click, or PPC) are obtained when a visitor clicks onto one of your ads, and you then pay for each such click.

Differences Between Organic SEO and Google AdWords Use

The major differences between use of Organic SEO and Google AdWords include the following:

• Although Google AdWords can be turned on or off instantaneously, SEO usually takes much longer to cause any impact in Internet search results. For this reason, many startup online business and personal interest sites use both types of marketing techniques and related technologies to achieve immediate and prolonged positive results.

• With use of Google AdWords, your website and business is fairly sure to show up in Web search results. Especially since there are unlimited ways and means of placing searches for your business, products or services, you may even experience immediate results of some degree with AdWords. With use of organic SEO, there is no such likelihood or guarantee of attaining a ranking, but patience will bring good results with these SEO techniques as well.

• While Organic SEO may take decidedly longer to show good search results, its use can enable you to reach a number one ranking in Google for a variety of keyword search terms.

• With use of AdWords, you can take action immediately to incorporate new search terms relative to a news article, event or unexpected occurrence. With SEO usage, you can also alter the way your business is viewed by search engines.

• Some items on search results page returns can be accessed by paid ads only, such as certain real estate listings. For instance, an item may accessed only through Google AdWords Product Display Advertisements.

• Nearly 100 percent of the time, AdWords ads are viewed above organic listings, or before searchers must scroll down the page to view additional content. This can put the organic listings at somewhat of a disadvantage for initial viewing, but it does not interfere with their eventual and overall effectiveness for promoting your website.

Use of both Organic SEO techniques and Google AdWords can enhance your marketing efforts for your business and website. Although AdWords may give you a more immediate feeling of success by showing fast results in Web searches, SEO is a tried-and-true method of successful Internet marketing as well. With use of both methods, you are most likely to experience stronger and longer lasting success for your company website, with greater increases in your Web traffic, customer base and conversion rates.