The general consensus until recently has been that a website that loads in three seconds is acceptable for supporting good rates of e-commerce sales conversions. However, in today’s fast-paced online business, many web users now start to become impatient if your company site fails to load within two seconds or less. In fact, as many as 56 percent of your website visitors may leave your site if it takes greater than three seconds to load. During peak web traffic hours, more than 75 percent of your online customers may abandon your company website for the site of one of your competitors if it has a faster loading time. Since savvy Internet users are growing accustomed to well-developed sites that load quickly and completely, it is important for building your business site’s conversion rates and profits to improve its loading speed.

Important Reasons Why Website Loading Speed Matters

Major reasons for ensuring that your business or personal interest website loads quickly and efficiently include the following:

• Effective SEO. – One the leading factors in attaining a high ranking for your website is rapid loading speed. The rate of speed at which your site loads effectively and completely will affect the use of your site’s interactive features by your web visitors and customers. If your site has a slow loading time, it can also decrease the number of searches a web user can make within a given time span, which will be detected in search engine data collection. It is advantageous to search engines if your website does load quickly. Consequently, if you have a slow-loading landing page and site, your website may have a low ranking with all major search engines.

• Quality Mobile Browsing. – Over one-half of all web traffic today involves mobile digital device users. These mobile web users are most often on their way to work, classes or the gym or otherwise engaged in daily activities away from their homes. These active, busy consumers require fast, efficient results in Internet searches and accessing websites. Immediacy is a major factor of importance to their satisfactory use of the web. If a web page fails to load within two seconds, they are likely to leave this page for a faster loading site. Many search engines are planning to make web page loading rates a primary element of required criteria for gaining good mobile search rankings for landing pages and sites.

• Greater Conversion Rates. – In contemporary e-commerce, high conversion rates are dependent on higher web traffic rates as well as greater traffic volumes. When these elements of online business site optimization work well simultaneously, your company website customer base and sales numbers will increase. Some e-commerce promoters advise that a delay of as little as one second in website loading time today can decrease your site’s conversion rates by at least seven percent. For sites with high levels of commerce, this percentage can translate to a sizable reduction in sales and profits. Even if you have a personal interest website and project, your number of new members may be reduced significantly by a slow-loading web page or site today. For the steadily increasing success of all types of websites today, consistently fast page loading rates are essential.

Website loading time is an important factor to success in today’s rapid-action world of e-commerce. In order to attract and capture new website visitors and customers or members for your business or personal interest website, it is of major value to ensure that your landing page or website has a fast loading speed. For optimal success in acquiring greater amounts of web visitors, new site members, customers or sales conversion rates to include mobile web users, you will need a rapid site loading rate of about two seconds today.