When you create a landing page, you are using a portalised keyword strategy that includes a powerful call to action relative to your choice of keywords. This page will offer additional links to niche pages that are related and have their own calls to action. With use of quality page content and effective links, you can design your landing pages to rank well for major targeted keywords as well as for targeting of longtail searches focused on your keywords. Expertly designed landing pages can attract and engage web searchers, directing them to your online business products and services quickly and efficiently for greater sales conversion rates.

Ways in Which Your Landing Page Will Impact Your SEO Performance and Web Search Ranking

The design elements and textual content of your landing page will impact your SEO performance and site ranking in web searches in the following ways:

• Content. – By creating landing pages that are focused on a certain topic or product, you can include effective keyworded titles and headings, text and links within a single keyword subject or category. Rather than relying on out-dated and unproductive keyword stuffing, you will be designing a content page that is centered on an identified niche and niche-related topics.

The goal is to drive targeted web visitor traffic to specific pages and areas of your website for the purpose of capturing new customers and greater product sales conversion rates. You can keep your pages updated and renewed by publishing RSS feeds that may include product-specific articles, featured product lists and related forum discussions. With content focused on a keyword niche, you will increase the impact of your SEO performance significantly.

• Links. – Link development campaigns involving landing pages can be very effective in improving SEO performance for your website. Since a site that links only to the index page can appear unnatural to search engines, you can use landing pages to distribute your links. This will result in a more natural homepage to deep pages ratio. You should also take care to make use of varied anchor text to direct landing page visitors to your targeted website pages and products or services. Anchor text that duplicates or strongly connects with site page titles and headings can also be highly effective for enhanced SEO.

It is best to refrain from using variations of the same keywords in your links to landing pages. You can effectively avoid this by using diverse keywords in different ways for improved impact of SEO performance for your site. You can combine link keywords and on-page keywords for best results. By using a mix of product-specific and generic key terms, you will also enhance the reach and effectiveness of your domain’s SEO impact for improved results.

• Tracking. – When you include focused amounts of powerful and effective links and anchor text on your landing pages, you will ensure easier and accurate tracking of your website’s SEO results from organic searches. When your landing page is the first entry page in the search results of a site visitor, this shows successful use of well targeted SEO strategy. By tracking site visitor behaviour and performance, you will understand how to revise and update landing page content for best ongoing results.

You will also discover search words and phrases relative to your site’s products and services that you have not yet used for keywords. With inclusion of these newly found key terms on your landing pages, you can improve site SEO results and capture more focused and lucrative web traffic streams for enhanced sales conversion rates and a larger client base.