Facebook has become an internet juggernaut. Each day more people use it to connect to those who share their interests and every day more businesses are turning to the social network giant in an effort to raise awareness of their product. With the snowballing impact the site is having on the Internet in general, it is a good idea for webmasters to understand how to make the most of what Facebook offers.

When it comes to content marketing on Facebook, there is a single simple correlation to remember: The more interactive the campaign, the more successful. In other words, having followers and fellow group members who ignore posts instead of responding to them is the kiss of death. With that correlation in mind, here are a couple of statistics to keep in mind to maximize the potential of any campaign.

People Love Photos

This is simply a matter of human nature. Imagine a white web page with nothing on it but some black text about dog training. Now, imagine the same page with the exact same information, but with pictures of dogs added to the page. The page with pictures now creates more of a sense of immersion. While a purely emotional response, the fact is including photos in posts increases the likelihood of people both commenting and liking a page.

People Have Short Attention Spans

Long posts tend to receive far fewer comments and likes than do short posts. It could be explained by the fact that people do not read the entire post, or it could be that the longer, more difficult to digest post has simply left them in “listen” mode as opposed to interact mode. Either way, the fact that long posts dampen interactivity cannot be ignored. Many things simply can’t be said in 140 characters or less. Instead of being an obstacle, these things should be viewed as an opportunity. By spacing the message over several posts with a teasing tone, interest can be kept high and opportunities to interact kept more numerous.

People Like to Express Their Opinions

Posts that ask a question to which people will want to respond get far more comments and likes than posts that make a simple statement. A post that says, “Rottweilers are the toughest dogs on the planet.”, will receive little feedback compared to one that says, “I think Rottweilers are the toughest dogs on the planet, what do you think?”

By keeping an eye out for opportunities to increase interactivity on Facebook, any webmaster also increases the likelihood of a successful content marketing campaign.