In earlier phases of search engine optimization, your domain name could have a very large impact on your site’s rankings. At that time, companies often bought and used domain names that were basically just a keyword, which could lead to success in ranking well with search engines. However, these Exact Match Domains (EMD) no longer pull weight or return high page rankings in web searches today without additional effective supporting elements.

An ideal domain that will gain high SEO rankings today should include effective brand signals. These signals are any occurrence of your company domain name on your website, which will increase branding effectiveness. Optimal quality domains should also include relevancy signals, or keywords that are obvious, relevant to your brand and easily recognized in web searches.

More Ways in Which Domain Names Can Affect SEO Rankings

Domain names can have strong effects on SEO rankings for websites and their contents in multiple ways, including the following:

• Domain Name Contributions. Well selected domain names contribute to better SEO results such as increased click-through rates and a more impactful, memorable brand. They also create greater degrees of trust during site visitor use and search engine crawls, which can lead to better SEO rankings for websites.

• Combined SEO and Domain Impact.
The combined impact of SEO and effective domain names can result in improved website and brand credibility and significantly greater link values for sites as well as higher direct web traffic volumes.

• Optimized Websites. Any exact-match keyword domains will most likely be viewed as problematic by search engines today. With use of quality control in selecting domain names and good use of brand names, product descriptions and well optimized site fields, websites can gain high levels of validity and authority in their brands and industry niches.

• Domain Content. Quality website content will greatly increase the trust of site visitors and search engines, resulting in greater conversion rates and higher website rankings for SEO. High quality, relevant and well presented website content tells site visitors, customers and search engines that their trust in a domain is appropriate and well deserved.

• Domains and Paid Ads. All Internet marketers today are well aware that online ads bring better results with use of a superior quality domain name and innovative, relevant and well focused marketing campaigns. Dynamic domain names that are easily identified and related to the brand, products and services that they represent will most likely acquire impressively higher SEO rankings. They will gain higher degrees of web visibility and credibility for improved search results, more visitor traffic and higher sales volumes.

When expert SEO strategies and techniques are combined with a top quality domain name and use of important relevancy signals for your brand, you can look forward to greater volumes of web traffic, more interested customers and higher sales conversion rates for your company brand, products and services. By selecting an optimal quality domain name for your business site, you can attain a significantly higher SEO ranking for your company site and greater recognition for all major aspects of your brand.