Many internet users today still think of search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing as being the same thing. Yet these two aspects of modern internet marketing are completely separate and different. The confusion exists because they often work closely aligned in marketing plans, functioning in somewhat similar fashion. While an SEO expert optimises a website for the purpose of giving it better placement in search engine results, SEO best practices and techniques are also incorporated to attain higher SERPs rankings. SEO is actually one function of digital marketing, and SEO professionals combine digital marketing aspects with SEO strategies to achieve their projected goals for site optimisation. 
Main Differences Between SEO and Digital Marketing Today 
The primary differences between SEO and digital marketing techniques today include the following features and functions: 
• While an SEO expert is involved with raising website traffic volumes, a specialist in digital marketing techniques is focused on improving a company’s online presence, visibility and persona. Both types of techniques are important to gaining greater numbers of site visitors and higher sales conversions for brand products and services.  
• Using digitally controlled media options, the SEO expert raises levels of a company’s general exposure to the public, while the digital marketing expert will examine the effects of SMS, TV and radio resources on a company’s increasing or decreasing rates of profitability and success. Both use quality marketing techniques like email and content marketing, social media for marketing and different aspects of mobile marketing, such as app ads, smartphone banners and text message promotion.  
More frequently today, businesses realize that their true success is dependent on the thorough integration of accepted marketing strategies and SEO approved techniques. Search is now, more than ever, overlapping with various other marketing methods and tools. As search engines continue to fine-tune their methods of examining and analysing brand recognition and sentiment, levels of site content quality and total brand relevance to the daily consumer marketplace, SEO and digital marketing practices are overlapping with one another. In the future, these two marketing tools will combine to study sales rates, public relations and marketing results along with branding techniques that render more accurate study results. 
Site Owner Involvement with SEO and SMO 
As a website owner, you will be involved with use and results of both SEO and SMO. When you use SEO tools effectively, you will gain site visitors and higher conversion rates with use of high rated keywords, video, graphics and interactive site features. With Google Analytics and CRO, you will learn how to gain more loyal customers and online business credibility. Relevant backlinks will also boost your online enterprise. 
With good use of digital marketing, or SMO, you will attract customers to your site through building strong connections on social media sites. Social media ads will also bring you interested visitors and new clients. While SEO uses effective web design and content on your own site to draw more traffic, SMO operates well when you build strong relationships on social media sites. Both methods of optimisation will grow your client base and business.