For most of us who spend most of our time online, the debate of what is more likely to get most views, long articles versus short articles, doesn’t appear on face value to have much validity if going strictly on number of views since the article that has the better tags will get more views. In trying to get more views which is the goal of search engine optimization goals, the length of an article doesn’t have much import. However, if looking to get in depth attraction from viewers, the short article will usually get more viewers to stay and get involved in the article.

Of course, there are exceptions

If an online article has a thesis laid out clear in the title, the longer article stands a good chance of getting read clear through if the outline of points is successfully handled to entice the reader to continue reading all of the article to get the writers conclusion on the thesis. The development of outline ideas is very important if the writer is looking to get his content marketing views read and understood by his readers. A short article can make its marketing pitch almost like headlines and no opinions which is a successful means to getting viewers to quickly appraise the content of the article and to reject or to accept the product or the service which is, after all, the goal of all content marketing and of all SEO programs that are geared to getting a large part of the Internet buying population. Getting a larger share of the Internet money is the aim of content marketing and seo stratagems.

The debate then, between long and short article has little relevance to SEO stratagems whose aim is to get more viewers to the website. The debate between long and short articles in content marketing favors the short article since the long article requires a more specialized audience who is willing to spend more time in reading the long article since it is their specialty. If a seller had a choice between a short article or a long article, his decision should be based on what his interest was and the reason for his online article. If the reason is selling a product, a short article is preferable. If the reason is selling some psychological tool that appeals to people needing some king of therapy, a longer article is, of course, the best choice.