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Content Creation for SEO: What are the Best Practices?

November 21, 2019
Your expertly designed website will also need top-quality, captivating web content to give life, vitality and verity to your brand and its story. Content that is too creative or experimental may fail to index well for the best search terms. Yet if it is too factually common or optimised to the hilt, it many go virtually unread by web users. In ... Continue Reading

How to Rebrand Your Domain without Affecting Your Google Ranking

November 5, 2019
If you own an online business website, at some time during the promotion and operation of your company, you may feel the need to change your domain name to rebrand for enhancing business growth or gaining a top-level domain. You may also want to improve your site\'s digital marketing possibilities. However, moving domains can strongly affect your ... Continue Reading

What is Over Optimisation and How Bad is it to Your Website?

September 15, 2019
If you enhance your website with an excess of SEO improvements, they may actually interfere with your site\'s SERPs ranking. Your ardent efforts may have created search engine over-optimisation instead of boosting your site\'s search engine placement and web marketing results. During the early days of SEO, websites gained a higher rank with use of ... Continue Reading

SEO Myths That You Need to Stop Believing Today

September 1, 2019
One major element for web entrepreneurs to learn about to operate their sites effectively is SEO. Sadly, there are so many myths out there today that it is difficult for them to find out the correct facts on this topic. Some myths are so out of line that they are laughable while others will definitely lead you in the wrong direction with your ... Continue Reading