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Seven Ways to Help Improve Your WordPress SEO

October 25, 2021
Like most web users who have WordPress sites, you are most likely seeking ways to help improve your WordPress SEO. Today, WordPress is used by nearly 65 percent of all websites that have a known CMS, and many of them get optimal results due to their top-rated SEO strategies, techniques and practices. Websites owned and operated by leading search ... Continue Reading

The Google Link Spam Update for 2021

October 13, 2021
There are currently many different ways for web designers and site owners to monetise their blogs and websites. In the process of monetising, outbound links may be produced. In website design, building and use, if too many links are created or if they lack correct annotating, these links may violate the Google quality guidelines. Google aims to ... Continue Reading

The Importance of High-Quality Content for SEO

September 29, 2021
High-quality website content is essential for effective SEO. Every aspect of your web page content must immediately engage and capture the rapt interest of your page visitors. Browsing web users and casual visitors to your site are willing to give your content a fair viewing. Yet if your site contains stale and outdated, irrelevant or poorly ... Continue Reading

Four Major Reasons Why Toxic Backlinks Can Harm Your Search Engine Ranking

September 13, 2021
Whenever another website links to your site, this creates a backlink. According to Moz, a backlink expresses confidence in your site content. In general, search engines view backlinks as proof that your site content has value. When a large number of websites link back to your site, your content will most likely appear in search results. This ... Continue Reading

Organic SEO and Search Engine Success: Why Does it Take So Long?

August 20, 2021
Effective SEO is an ongoing process that takes time. It can be a rather long process to build your SERPs rankings, and no two websites will achieve equal levels of success at the same time. Your website\'s SEO effectiveness depends on multiple factors, including keyword usage and your business type. Free web searches and marketing online at no ... Continue Reading