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Google July 2021 Core Update Starts Rolling Up

July 23, 2021
Google began rolling out the July 2021 core update on July 1, approximately one month after the June 2021 core update rollout. A major difference between the two was that the June 2021 core update required more time to roll out and have influence. Yet significant effects of the July 2021 core update were evident almost immediately. A site hit ... Continue Reading

Understanding the Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

July 12, 2021
As a qualitative measure, authority determines web properties that have a notable effect on each site content property\'s comprehensive visibility, credibility and ranking in search engines. The majority of SEO strategies and techniques are designed to improve authority. These techniques and strategies include such tactics as creating valuable and ... Continue Reading

The Impact of Social Media Visibility on Your Website’s SEO

July 5, 2021
With optimal quality visibility on social media, your website SEO gains a significant positive impact. Your web traffic volumes increase impressively, and your product sales conversion rates take a sharp leap upward. Social media sites have powerful search engine functions that give them the capacity to operate like search engines. Many users ... Continue Reading

5 Top Reasons Why Your Website Definitely Needs Organic SEO 

June 7, 2021
Search engine optimisation is essential for business success today. As a cornerstone of digital marketing, high-quality SEO is destined to remain a major player in promoting good business as long as online search engines power our information banks. Non-organic SEO trends such as Google Ads and PPC campaigns as well as paid affiliate marketing ... Continue Reading

SEO Contents: The Good vs. The Bad

May 26, 2021
Google updates its algorithms with major changes several times each year while performing slight tweaks to certain additional evaluating factors as well. To have effective web content on your site with optimal quality SEO, your content must align with and support Google’s current mission and intent. Comparison of Good and Bad SEO Web ... Continue Reading