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SEO Trends in 2020: What to Do to Stay Effective within the Framework Created by Google

January 1, 2020
Google has a newly designed master plan of dynamic SEO trends for 2020. Optimisation staples like including keywords in web page titles and creating a responsive site that is easily accessed across all digital devices and screen sizes still have value. Yet Google has devised major new trends that will keep all website owners well aware of this ... Continue Reading

How Blog Posts Should Be Optimised for SEO Purposes

December 15, 2019
Although it can benefit your online business greatly to have an active blog for your website, it is also essential to optimize your blog posts for wider web viewing by your clients, potential customers and even casual web browsers. Blogs have impressive marketing potential. However, even though over half of online business sites today have blogs, ... Continue Reading

What is Website Caching and How Does It Affect Your Website’s SEO Performance?

December 1, 2019
Web page caching is an effective way to improve your website\'s loading time and enhance your site\'s search engine optimization. Especially since page load speed can strongly impact site user experience as well as your e-commerce site\'s conversion rates, page caching can greatly increase all major aspects of your site performance. Google ... Continue Reading

Content Creation for SEO: What are the Best Practices?

November 21, 2019
Your expertly designed website will also need top-quality, captivating web content to give life, vitality and verity to your brand and its story. Content that is too creative or experimental may fail to index well for the best search terms. Yet if it is too factually common or optimised to the hilt, it many go virtually unread by web users. In ... Continue Reading