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Know the Different Algorithms of Google Part 2

March 4, 2022
Google’s algorithm updates, both confirmed and unconfirmed, for 2021 had varied impact and relevance for different website owners. Some were generally influential while others applied to specific sites and types of web activity. These different updates will no doubt form the foundation for future updates by this giant search engine. Different ... Continue Reading

Know the Different Algorithms of Google – Part 1

February 14, 2022
Google algorithms make up an intricate system that retrieves data from Google’s search index to return optimal quality search results. With the use of multiple algorithms and a wide variety of ranking factors, Google search returns web pages according to their ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). In Google’s early days of ... Continue Reading

Understanding Google’s Disavow Tool and When to Use It

January 28, 2022
The Google disavow tool enables domain owners to alert Google about low-grade links pointing to their sites that they want to have disassociated from their domains. This allows Google to be notified by SEOs of what external links should be included in Google’s ranking factor assessments of a website. Site publishers who bought links from a ... Continue Reading

Video Embedding or Video Linking: Which Works Better for Your SEO?

January 17, 2022
Video is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can use in your website design. Embedded or linked videos on your site can attract greater web traffic volumes, create leads and increase your conversion rates. Nearly 80 percent of video marketers report that including quality videos in your website design builds sales numbers ... Continue Reading

What are Favicons and Why Are They Important for Your SEO?

December 21, 2021
Favicons are small pieces of graphics that represent your brand in search history, search ads and search results as well as browser tabs and bookmark lists. They consist of small 16 by 16-pixel icons that typically feature a logo along with the initial letter of the brand name or a generic image that identifies a type of business. These files are ... Continue Reading