SEO That Really Works

Create quality content and you will attract visitors to your site. They are then more likely to share that content on social media networks Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc... Your company cannot maintain a high ranking in Google without a consistent flow of fresh quality content being updated on your website.

Quality Content Creation

Netwizard SEO now takes the guess work out of creating content that will drive visitors to your website. Our team of skilled SEO researchers will use the latest keyword analysis tools to find out what your potential clients want to read about and then write and post articles to your website blog and social media pages.

Welcome to Netwizard SEO - Quality Content Marketing

Making Website SEO simple

The Process

  1. Click order now on the website
  2. An SEO professional will be in touch within 2 business days after SEO activation
  3. We will customise / create your company Facebook page
  4. We will analyze the code of your website and make necessary SEO changes
  5. We will write highly researched articles for your company
  6. Two blog articles will be posted to your website every month
  7. Monitor your website using Google analytics so we can see how much traffic your blog is creating and how it is improving your page rank translating to more clients.

Included in the Offer

  • 2 Articles researched, written and added to your website
    per month.
  • SEO analysis of your website and fix common mistakes with the code (read more about SEO analysis here)
  • Articles added to your company social media pages
  • Custom designed Facebook page
  • Google analytics added to your website so you can track extra traffic to your website
  • The total investment is only $247 per month.
    That’s only a few dollars a day!
  • $247/month

    * Payable Monthly. No Contracts

On and off page SEO tasks handled

This is only a partial list to give you an idea of the in-depth service we provide. SEO is a very fluid marketing strategy and guidelines from Google frequently change.