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The Truth about Black Hat SEO and Why You Should Avoid Companies that Offer Overnight Success

August 31, 2017
There are generally accepted rules for maintaining a helpful, safe and relevant online experience for the use of professional SEO to enhance website rankings and traffic volumes. However, spammers constantly attempt to outperform major search engines. These spammers try to attract organic (free) web traffic to their sites by disregarding these ... Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Parallax Websites for SEO Organic Visibility

August 16, 2017
Parallax websites started gaining rapid popularity around five years ago, due mainly to the novelty of their scrolling action and varied speed rates of background and foreground motion on these sites. This multi-directional movement, the convenience of scrolling through a site rather than clicking into separate sections and pages, plus the strong ... Continue Reading

What are the Different Google Algorithms? From Past to Present

July 24, 2017
During every year, Google alters its search algorithm between 500 and 600 times. Although the majority of these changes are minor revisions and tweaks, Google sometimes launches an algorithm update of major significance, for example, Google Panda and Penguin. These important updates can have primary effects on search engine results. It can be ... Continue Reading

Why SEO should not Be Blamed for ROI (Return on Investment)

July 24, 2017
Since the amount of your website design and marketing budget designated for SEO services most likely comes from the same source as do your funds for social media ads, email brand promotion campaigns and Google AdWords usage, you may think that SEO should have comparable functions and results for increasing profits of your online business. However, ... Continue Reading