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Why Is Buying Trashy Backlinks Bad for Your SEO?

November 21, 2017
If you have had the misfortune of engaging the services of a low quality SEO company to optimise and promote your website, your site may be experiencing a serious loss of search engine rankings. You may not realize until your SERPs plummet to lowest levels that this ill-prepared SEO team has bought bad backlinks for your site. You may not detect ... Continue Reading

The Importance of Optimising Images for Better Design and SEO

November 10, 2017
User experience on the Internet is a highly visual one, enhanced by the presence of audio and textual content as well as fine caliber interactive features. For this reason, it is essential to incorporate expert optimisation of all your website images to ensure top quality Web design and consistently effective SEO results for your site. With expert ... Continue Reading

Understanding the Hummingbird Algorithm for Semantic Searching

October 26, 2017
Many SEO strategies in popular use before the arrival of Hummingbird have remained useful and relevant. Social media marketing techniques, use of content related backlinks from authoritative and top quality industry-specific websites with superior content and 198 other ranking criteria are included in the Hummingbird algorithm. When Google ... Continue Reading

Why Keyword Stuffing No Longer Works for Websites

October 16, 2017
Keyword stuffing or spamming refers to the act of stuffing a website or landing page with keywords and phrases that have little or no connection to the site content. Especially when keywords are out of context, it appears that you as site owner are attempting to manipulate and control major search engine rankings in search results. Some site ... Continue Reading